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REMESLO STROJAL, s.r.o.SLOVAKIA, Žiar nad HronomTechnology for gasification12/2015
VŠB - Technical UniverzityCZ, OstravaExperimental unit for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis10/2014
VŠB - Technical UniverzityCZ, OstravaExperimental unit for synthesis gas production by gasification of biomass10/2014
AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství, s.r.o.CZ, OstravaDry fermentation of biomass and RDF (Residue Derived Fuel) to production elektrical energy from Biogas12/2013
VŠB  - Technical UniverzityCZ, Ostrava"NETME Centre" - Experimental unit for gasification of biomass08/2013
KAPO s.r.o.CZ, TřemošniceSolid heat mixture gasifying unit for lime burning kiln heating2000
VUTCZ, BrnoExperimental unit for gasification of biomass1999
Povodí OdryCZ, SkotniceCombined power and heat production unit based on wood waste gasification1995
IVTANRUSSIA, MoscowUnit for high pressure gasification of coal in fluidised layer1990

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