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Technological Units Workgroup

  • Basic engineering (process diagrams, material and energy balances)
  • Detail engineering (complete process diagrams, apparatus design)
  • Technological process and equipments design
  • Special engineering calculations, studies

Rotary Machines Workgroup

  • Helium turboexpanders
  • Helium circuits
  • Turbocirculators for high pressure helium

Apparatuses Workgroup

  • Apparatus and equipment design
  • Production and erection documentation of technology plants
  • Strength calculation


Civil Design Workgroup

  • Complete project engineering documentation
  • Documents for planning and building permission, projects of realization
  • Engineering services to meet client’s specific need
  • Consultancy and expertise services

Constructions delivery Workgroup

  • Management and implementation of technological projects in all stages
  • Project management
  • Site management
  • Documentation control
  • Design coordination
  • Schedulling
  • Implementation team control
  • Budget - cost control

Technological design Workgroup

  • Technological equipments projects
  • Complete project engineering documentation
  • Engineering service during construction
  • General project architect
  • Author´s supervision carry out authorized person

Service and assembly shop