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Sanford Underground Research (SDSTA)U.S.A., South Dakota, LeadRadon Removal System5/2017
ČEPRO a.s., PragueCZ, Sedlnice - storage of PHLVapour Recovery Unit - putting into operation12/2016
ČEPRO, a.s., PragueCZ, Včelná - storage of PHLCapacity determination  of Vapour Recovery Unit - study and basic engineering08/2016
Institute for Basic ScienceSOUTH KOREA, IncheonRadon Reduction System - putting into operation04/2016
Spolchemie Electrolysis a.s.CZ, Ústí nad LabemChlorine Exhalation Renovation - design and delivery04/2016
Consorcio Laboratorio Subterráneo de CanfrancESPANA, CanfrancRadon Reduction System12/2015
ČEPRO a.s., PragueCZ, Smyslov, Včelná, Klobouky - storages of PHLVapour Recovery Unit (VRU) - technology reconstruction10/2015
Institute for Basic Science, KOREASOUTH KOREA, IncheonRadon Reduction System09/2015
Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.CZ, ŘežSUSEN - Circulator for experimental circuit HTHL09/2016
ČEPRO a.s., PragueCZ, Smyslov, Mstětice, Roudnice nad Labem - storages of PHLVapour Recovery Unit (VRU) - technology reconstruction07/2014
Princeton University, Department of Physics, NY, USAITALY, Gran SassoRadon Reduction System at Gran Sasso National Laboratory10/2012
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, USAITALY, Gran SassoRadon Reduction System for the CUORE experiment at Gran Sasso National Laboratory09/2011
HB REAVIS MANAGEMENT s.r.o.SLOVAKIA, Banská BystricaStudy - Construction of liquid petroleum warehouse01/2011
Česká Zbrojovka, a.s.CZ, Uherský BrodModification of incinerator ATERM08/2009
PARAMO a.s.CZ, PardubiceNoise elimination of technological unit AVDR08/2009
AZAS INVEST s.r.o., PragueSERBIA, Novi SadVapour recovery unit - study11/2005
VAE Controls, s.r.o.SLOVAKIA, UGS TrebišovVapour recovery unit10/2005
VAE Controls, s.r.o.CZ, PardubiceVapour recovery unit 07/2005
ČEPRO a.s.CZ, UGS TřemošnáVapour recovery unit10/2004
Kovoprojekta Brno, a.s.CZ, Ústí nad LabemLow temperature separation of toluene with incinerator 09/2004
Kovoprojekta Brno, a.s.CZ, Ústí nad LabemEpichlorhydrine freezing unit 06/2004
Laboratoire Souterrain de ModaneFRANCE, ModaneRadon Recuction System10/2004
PRAKTIK LIBEREC, s.r.o.CZ, Stráž pod RalskemUnit for trapping freons released in technological process of recycling of cooling systems put out of operation.10/2004
Hertl s.r.o.CZ, Lomnice nad PopelkouImproving of environmental impacts of a foundry01/2003

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